The Catch Reporting System for Commercial Fishing

M5 was developed in conjunction with commercial fishing enterprises in New Zealand to provide a catch reporting system that meet the needs of crews operating onboard deep sea factory trawlers as well as providing regular updates to sales teams back on shore.

Benefits for the Crew:

  • M5 will maintain vessel specific conversion factors
  • Vessel product databases are easily updated
  • Vessels can catch and record product even if the product codes were not supplied on land
  • Green weight conversion factors are easily changed while the vessel is at sea
  • Easy to understand interface ensures crew can operate the system with minimal training overhead
  • Tried and tested at sea. Features fail safes and double redundancies because at sea, things happen

Benefits for the Company:

  • M5 can be deployed across a fleet with subsets of your product data for each vessel
  • Production data can be emailed to shore for sales and management on a daily basis
  • Different managers can view the production in varying levels of detail
  • Sales and management can view exactly what product is onboard what vessels at any time the vessels are at sea

M5 has been in operation onboard New Zealand fishing fleets for over 9 years and has proven to be extremely successful. Crews like it for its simplicity and flexibility. Companies like it because they have immediate oversight of all production before it lands and can plan and sell accordingly, saving time and money.


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